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In this second installment of the Barbary Coast Novels, kind-hearted tough guy Ox Moran and his sidekick, the dwarf Stumpy, must fight small-time hoodlums and half-crazed gangsters in a race against time to save Uncle Frank’s 16-year-old daughter, who has disappeared without a trace.

Ox, still carrying a torch for his lost love, Maria, aka Red - the daughter of the assassinated mob boss, Fat Tony Gracchi - has reluctantly agreed to help Fat Tony’s killer and successor, Uncle Frank, who, old and sick and surrounded by incompetent hoodlums, assigns his niece, the small, brown-haired, brown-eyed, dangerous, Angie as Ox’s guide through the Gracchi underworld.

The Lost Princess is, like the first of the Barbary Coast Novels, Angel, set in Jersey City of the 1950’s. Readers of that book will be happy to welcome back some familiar characters, such as Little Lucky Lefty Larry Loony, and the unlucky Cousin Sal. Red is gone, But Angie has arrived in her place, and there are some fun (but not so funny) newcomers like The Barber of the Seville, Joey One-Ear, and Lucrezia, the craziest and most dangerous of all the Gracchi.

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