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Freedom's Dawn

It is 1957, and South Africa is set to explode as the white minority imposes harsh  apartheid laws on the black majority. Khrushchev’s chief mischief-maker, General Dunayevsky has decided to exploit the volatile situation, and has charged Cornelis Bos, code-name “The Director,” to spark a revolution.

As thousands of Freedom Marchers descend on South Africa’s capitol city, Pretoria, The Director pits black militants against whites, and white extremists against blacks. MI-6 is compromised, and the CIA has been sidelined. It seems that nothing can stop The Director from starting a bloodbath—nothing, that is, except, newly-minted CIA agent, Lucas Hamilton, and a pretty, green-eyed, half-Irish MI-6 agent, Penelope Standish. Together they fight assassins, seduction, betrayal—and each other—to avert disaster and save South Africa from chaos.

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