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Crime Novels


Angel is set in Jersey City in the 1950s, and introduces a kind-hearted tough guy named Ox Moran, his sidekick, the dwarf Stumpy, and a string of bad guys and beautiful women. Angel is the first in a series of Barbary Coast novels.


The Stolen Princess is the second book in the Barbary Coast series: Ox and Stumpy become embroiled in a Gracchi mob family feud while trying to help the dying Capo, Uncle Frank, rescue his kidnapped 16-year-old daughter. 


Angie, the third book in the Barbary Coast series brings the Gracchi family saga to an end. Ox and the new capo, Angie, must deal with the homicidal Tommy the Hammer and a host of other mafia types before settling affairs in a shootout in an abandoned Jersey City railroad yard.


Spy Novels


Appointment in Berlin takes readers back to the cold war era of the mid-1950’s. It is the first in the series of Lucas Hamilton spy thrillers. It covers his early years as a child in war-torn Budapest, his harrowing escape from the Nazis and the Bolsheviks, and his introduction to undercover work.


Freedom's Dawn is the second in the series of Lucas Hamilton spy thrillers. This book takes Lucas, as a new CIA agent, is sent to South Africa in 1957, where he must fight double-agents, soviet operatives, and both native Africans and Afrikaan extremists to prevent the country from falling into chaos.


Mourning in Budapest, the third novel in the Lucas Hamilton series, takes Lucas undercover in Hungary, where he must deal with memories of his father’s assassination, and his childhood escape, along with new threats from agents, double-agents, spies, informers, and the dangerous, dark haired, dark-eyed Zsofia, who puts a gun to his head and a hold on his heart.


Historical fiction


Aphrodite’s War is the first book in the Trojan War cycle. When Paris, the Prince of Troy, falls madly in love with Helen, the beautiful Queen of Sparta, he sets into motion a cycle of greed, jealousy, and lust for power that destroys the budding peace between the Trojan Empire and the emerging Greek states, and sets the stage for the events the whole world knows as the Trojan War, a tragedy that draws into its web not only Helen and Paris, but also the young lovers Illotos and Demia, Paris’ sister, the Princess Cassandra, and the hero, Odysseus, who pines for peace and a quiet life with his wife and new-born son.

Ares' War tells the moving story of three pairs of lovers caught up in the tragic events of the Trojan War.  It picks up where the first book in the series, Aprhrodite’s War, leaves off. Odysseus, back home in Ithaka, longs for nothing more than to live peacefully  with his wife and new-born child. Illotos, Odysseus’ young ward, has exchanged his youthful dreams of glory for the beautiful Princess Demia. Together they have started a new life on Ithaka, far from the royal court and its intrigues. In Troy, Paris and Helen find, not the happiness they seek, but anger and resentment.

When war that Achilles demands begins, Odysseus and Illotos must leave their wives alone to fight off the advances of Odysseus’ enemy Polybus and his worthless son.

While they struggle at home, Odysseus and Illotos find only pain and hardship on the beach outside the massive walls of Troy. The Greeks have brought a thousand ships to Troy, expecting a quick and easy victory, but after several disastrous battles, and the loss of their hero Achilles, they find themselves starving and without hope until Odysseus comes up with one final, desperate plan – a wooden horse.

Athena’s War is the third and last book in the Trojan War Cycle. It picks up after the Greeks have burned and sacked Troy.  Odysseus is at sea, anxious to get home to his wife and infant son, Telemachus. Illotos, who was wounded and sent home earlier at a time when the Greek fortunes were at their lowest, is reunited with his wife Demia and introduced to the twins Alexander and Helen who were born while he was away.  But all is not well at home. Polybius, a rich merchant and avowed enemy of Odysseus, has his eyes on Odysseus’ wife, lands, and title.  His good-for-nothing son, Antinous, lusts after Demia. Penelope must use all her guile to fend off Polybius, who holds the mortgages that Odysseus was forced to take to finance his contribution to the war. 

But Odysseus is not able to come home. A fierce storm has driven his ships far off course to a strange unknown land called Aegyptos. There he is called upon to fight the monster Kylopios, outwit Queen Tosreth, and devise a ruse to escape from the palace. Once free of Aegyptos, he is driven to the shores of “The Wondrous Isle,” Nadur, where he is once again called upon to fight, and where he hazards his life to visit “Hades Gate,” the entrance to the Underworld. After many struggles, he arrives on Ithaka to find a badly outnumbered Illotos surrounded by a horde of murderers and bandits.

Fantasy Novels

The Fiery Sword,  Part I of  The Book of Well is the first of a two-part fantasy novel that follows the growth of 16-year-old Cassandra Allswell as she pits her courage and goodness against the evil power of the Malvolkian Queen Morgana in a fight for civilization’s survival.



An Italian Journey is a light, humorous, and uplifting story about Nick and Laura Lobono and their fellow tourists that draws upon the author’s personal experience and love of all things Italian.


Prospero is a modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's, The Tempest. Set in rural Montana in the 1960’s, the book presents Shakespeare's Prospero, Miranda, Caliban, et al. in a new and different light. 


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