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Love and devotion triumph over jealousy and hate in this modern quasi-magical, tragi-comedy based on The Tempest by William Shakespeare.

Miranda lives with her great-grandfather Prospero on a remote farm not far from the Canadian border in North Dakota where she dreams of meeting her Prince Charming. But what hope is there of that when nobody ever comes to the farm because they fear Prospero and his long, double-barreled shotgun?


The old, old man has lost everybody he loved. Only Miranda remains. He has seen illness and tragedy take his daughter, his grandson, and his wife, leaving him alone to raise and protect Miranda—which he has sworn to do until she finds someone else who will love and protect her as he does. He has foiled government attempts to take Miranda away from him after her parents’ deaths, and chased off Thomas Small Hands who tried to steal Miranda away from him.

Now he faces a new threat. One day, shortly after Miranda’s 18th birthday, a huge tornado tears through the farm bringing unexpected and surprising visitors, along with new dangers, new love, and an end to Miranda’s quest and Prospero’s mission.

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