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The Sword of Fire


For 2,000 years the people of Well have lived in peace, ever since the Angel Uriah with his flaming red hair and fiery sword drove the evil Malvolken  into the WellWood Forest and out of the Well-Beings’ lives.  But now the Malvoken have returned, led by their Queen, Morgana, a centuries-old matriarch with enormous powers to control people’s minds, and an uncontrollable hatred for all Well-Beings.  

She has sent sickness to weaken them, goons to harass and murder them, and now she is marshalling her forces for an all-out attack.

Uriah is gone. The Well-Beings are alone. They have organized their forces to defend themselves against Queen Morgana’s armies, but who is capable of defending them against her?

The answer may be a single, special, 16-year-old girl on the verge of womanhood named Cassandra.  Innocent and untested, she alone possesses the power to confront the Queen, but it is a power she does not know she has, and does not understand. 

When her little sister Becky is stricken with the mystery illness that has plagued Well, Cassandra sets forth on her own into the WellWood Forest to confront the Queen and save her sister.

But first, she must overcome Spawn, Hooligans, Lackeys, the witch Circe, the sadistic Prince of Light, and her own doubts and fears.

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